About the Journal

Aims and scope

Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae is a peer-reviewed (Double-Blind Peer Reviews), interdisciplinary journal edited and annually published by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, intended for an international audience. The subject matter of the journal is historical archaeology in Europe: from antiquity to modern times. Preference is given to issues connected with the history of material culture, arms and armour, architecture, and the history of textiles, i.e. a field of research in which the Centre for Research on Ancient Technologies in Lodz,  the publisher of the journal, has specialised for years.

In previous years, issues were devoted to one theme of current interest (e.g. textile production, rubbish and recycling from an archaeological and historical perspective). In recent years, issues with papers covering a wide range of themes have increasingly been published. Authors have the option of submitting an article to the sections: Articles, Materials and Discoveries, as well as Essays, Reviews and Polemics.

There are no fees to download articles, nor are there any fees to submit, review or publish articles.

History of the journal

The annual Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae has been published since 1986. The founder and first editor of the journal was Professor Andrzej Nadolski. After his death, the new editor, Professor Tadeusz Poklewski-Koziełł published another 14 fascicles. Fascicles 21–31 have been prepared by Jerzy Maik. Since volume 32, the journal has been edited by an editorial team: Piotr Strzyż (Editor) and Kalina Skóra (Deputy Editor).

Among the authors are archaeologists and historians from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, USA and, needless to say, Poland. Thanks to this selection of authors Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae is a journal where scholars from Western, Central and Eastern Europe exchange opinions and ideas.

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