Invitation: Archaeology of Strongholds


Strongholds, both early and late medieval archaeological field sites, clearly visible in the natural landscape have long been of interest, first to amateur explorers and later to professional archaeologists. In recent years, technical progress and easier access to modern non-invasive methods have resulted in a return to formerly explored objects. Nowadays, not only archaeological prospecting (excavation) but also the analysis of environmental conditions together with palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, non-invasive methods using remote sensing (ALS, LIDAR) play an important role in research on old strongholds. An important step in research was the spread of methods of radiocarbon dating, dendrochronology or specialist analyses of historical materials. We invite all persons, both archaeologists and representatives of other disciplines to publish articles in the forthcoming 35th volume of Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae.

We are waiting for the texts until 31 May 2022.