Cuisine in the Middle Ages and Modern Times - Call for papers


The preparation and consumption of food in the Middle Ages and modern times is an extremely broad and complex subject. It is usually associated simply with a collection of recipes. However, for archaeologists and historians of material culture, the term has a much broader meaning, as it includes a diverse set of utensils or tools for preparing and consuming food and drink, as well as the oven constructions themselves which made this food preparation process possible. It is also an assortment of meat consumed, plants or food obtained for the table during the hunting, gathering or fishing popular at the time. Social differentiation was also important, as the preparation and consumption of meals was different among the common people and in the homes of the townspeople or at noble/princely manors. Thus, in the study of past cuisine, modern archaeology in cooperation with archaeobotany or archaeozoology is reconstructing a diverse picture of the cuisine of the time.
Deadline: 31 August 2024.