Call for papers

Archaeologia Polona vol. 60: 2022

Special issue: The study of prehistoric flint mining and distribution of raw materials

Deadline:   30 November 2021; Deadline Extended due to COVID-19 

Texts should focus on the topic of  flint mining in pre- and protohistoric, as well as the mining of other rocks. The topic of the special issue of jubilee 60th volume of Archaeologia Polona  directly relates to the  100th anniversary of the discovery of "Krzemionki" prehistoric mining site.
To celebrate this great anniversary we invite you to submit texts which will address the prehistoric mining, reconstruction of extraction methods, study of mining products  and the social organization behind mining. They may as well concern the  interaction between various phenomena occurring in flint mining. These include the study of mining products, as well as use and distribution networks of different products. A major theme will be an attempt to recognize these phenomena in local, regional and interregional dimension, by demonstrating their separateness or close relationship with other aspects of prehistoric communities’ everyday life.
To this end, key issues seem to be:
- prehistoric rocks mining;
- the extraction methods and specific toolkits developed for this activity;
- the analyses of the knapping workshops;
- social organization behind mining;
-  the distribution networks of different mining products
We hope that such a broadly formulated spectrum of problems, and their discussion on the basis of the prehistoric flint mining, will allow to achieve a new  view of basic issues and permit a  fresh assessment of the research level quality regarding prehistoric flint mining. We hope that these issues will bring us closer to a fuller knowledge of this subject.