Comparison of Different Gouge Collections from Central Sudan

  • Katarína Kapustka Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences; Letenská 4, Praha 1 – Malá Strana, 11801, Czech Republic
  • Małgorzata Winiarska-Kabacińska Archaeological Museum in Poznan; Wodna Street 27, 61-781 Poznan, Poland
Keywords: Nile valley, central Sudan, Neolithic, lithic technology, use wear


This article represents a basic comparison of gouge collections from three different sites (Esh Shaheinab, Fox Hill and Kadero). These sites have produced important collections of lithics from the Early Neolithic period in central Sudan. Gouges were chosen as an important marker of various activities, and these were studied on the basis of examining this type of artefact. This paper presents basic observations on the technology and function of these artefacts.


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