Palaeolithic heat treating in Northeastern Hungary?: An archaeometric examination of the possible use of fire-setting in Stone Age quarries in the Bükk area

  • Henrik Zoltán Tóth
Keywords: Bükk region, Stone Age, fire-setting, archaeometrical analysis


During the excavations conducted by Árpád Ringer in the Palaeolithic quarries of Avas-Tűzköves in Miskolc, located at the eastern foot of the Bükk Mountains, signs of thermal alteration were observed on many of the finds. Within the scope of my PhD thesis, laboratory testing was carried out on those artefacts, with the support of experts from the University of Miskolc Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, including samples procured from other significant Stone Age sites of the area and results from experimental archaeology. On the basis of results achieved so far, the Palaeolithic use of fire-setting to extract lithic raw material in our region cannot be excluded.


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