Vol. 39 (2018): ETHNOGRAPHIC EAR

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Guest editor: Piotr Cichocki

The papers gathered in the ETHNOGRAPHIC EAR thematic issue propose diverse strategies of researching and describing how to use one’s own sonic-being-in-the-field to acquire unique, subtle knowledge. Divided into three sections SPACES, MUSICS and NETWORKS, the articles remind us that ethnography has never been undertaken in a world of complete silence; still, ethnographers have barely acknowledged that the world they study is also layered with sounds.

Writing an ethnographic description centred on sound is challenging. The sound experience presents ethnographers with difficulties because it is embodied and pre-discursive. Nevertheless, if any discipline can undertake an engagement with sound, it is surely anthropology, with its ability to  use ethnography to uncover knowledge in places where other methodologies render zero data. The authors of this special issue aim at introducing the methodology of anthropology of sound to those who have not previously practised it. A concomitant aim is also to act as an urge to start using one’s own ethnographic ear. When we begin to listen attentively - sound starts to meaningfully emanate everywhere.

Cover photo: 1. Design for an Earring, Giovanni Sebastiano Meyandi, Smithsonian Design Museum, license   CC Zero
2. fot. Maica Gugolati, with the permission of the author. 3. fot. Piotr Cichocki, with the permission of the author. Collage - Dang Thuy Duong  
Published: 2019-12-03

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