Geneza i rozwój nierówności społecznych w paradygmatach badawczych archeologii. Zarys problematyki

  • Arkadiusz Marciniak Instytut Archeologii UAM
  • Stanisław Tabaczyński Instytut Archeologii i Etnologii PAN


The article brings about an analysis of major conceptualizations of processes leading to the emergence and development of social complexity and inequality, which have been formulated within major paradigms of contemporary archaeology. The most significant contribution to these issues was offered by archaeologies inspired by functionalism and neoevolutionism. These attempts corresponded with an attempt to turn archaeology into a nomothetic discipline. Of different character were works inspired by Marxism, Neomarxism, and poststructuralism. They offered a valuable contribution to the conceptualization of the means of achieving social goals and performing social roles by different actors.


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Marciniak, A., & Tabaczyński, S. (2017). Geneza i rozwój nierówności społecznych w paradygmatach badawczych archeologii. Zarys problematyki. Przegląd Archeologiczny, 65, 45-52.
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