Vol. 55 (2017): Pottery and glass in contemporary studies

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Pottery and glass are common finds at archaeological sites, contributing importantly to research on ceramic and glassware production, and the use and significance of these products in all historic periods. Formal analyses along with in-depth studies of pro-duction techniques and types of decoration, complemented with physical and chemical analyses, lead researchers to present hypothetical chronologies for particular artifacts and to identify production sites. uch studies also let us reconstruct various aspects of everyday life, extending our knowledge of the economic and cultural relationships of a town, stronghold or settlement with other regions, sometimes very distant ones. Indi-rectly, they allow us to draw conclusions on the economic status of inhabitants, as well as their preferences and lifestyle. The materiality and contextuality of pottery and glass finds permit a wider application of quantitative, spatial and instrumental analyses leading to more precise results. Ceramic and glass objects may well become a means to resolving many historical issues. [From Editorial]

Published: 2017-01-01

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